Friday, December 24, 2010

The Bar Lite

Do you want to try The Bar?

We are proud to present the Lite version!

On this version you can capture processes that are up to 20 minutes.

This is a Lite version of our application, it is free, will never expire and has ads at the bottom.

To download, just click the link:

IMPORTANT: As the camera is key to providing the convenience to capture the progress bar, if your unit has NO camera, like the iPod touch, for example, you can use the free version without any limitations, in this case, the only difference with the paid version are the advertisements.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We are working hard to bring some new features to "The Bar".

First we added two buttons on our info pages.

The Tell-A-Friend button is an e-mail feature, when you press the button it will bring an e-mail template that you can forward to all your friends.

The other button will send you to The Bar's review page on the App Store, so it is just one click and you are ready to review our App.

The following text is our Tell-A-Friend's template, take a look and send your comments so we can improve it.

You can already use this template! Feel free to forward it as you wish.

Subject: Hey, check out this iPhone App The Bar

Message Body:

I thought you might be interested in this iPhone application!

I have being using "The Bar" and I can tell you that it is a convenient and innovative way to monitor computer ongoing processes in your device.

Have you ever wondered how a process was running in your computer while you were watching television?

Or maybe your computer is showing a progress bar that provides scarce information, and that does not indicate the remaining time?

Now you can take the progress bar with you!

You can see its features in details and how to use it at:

Best Regards!


We have more things to deliver, so stay tuned!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Bar The 1.1 is now available in App Store

Goalmoon team have tested the Apple's new operational system iOS4 in firsthand and quickly adapted our application "The Bar".

Our new version 1.1 is now fully compatible with iOS4!

When you enter the Apple App Store you'll see "The Bar" at the updates section:

When you select the application, you'll see the description of the update:
- iOS4 Compatible

Apple will release its iOS4 tomorrow (21) for all iPhone users and you can use your "The Bar" smoothly.

Stay tuned. More news to come...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Bar on Appboy!

Now The Bar has his own page on Appboy:

Don't forget to visit!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Get "The Bar" Promotion!

Want to take the progress bar of your computer for free?

We will reward three participants with The Bar's promotional code!

All you have to do is enter our contact form ( and write a sentence with the word: "The Bar".

The 3 best sentences chosen by our team will receive The Bar's promotional code!

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, July 14 11:00 PM EDT.

Don't waste your time; send your sentence right now!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bar on Social Networks

Now, in addition to follow the Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, RSS and e-mail, you have 20 other social network options:

You can use this new button in the blog's sidebar to follow us:

Follow Me!

We are also in the Google Friends Connect that now has its own space in the sidebar:

Altogether are 27 networks where you can follow our news and that will be updated automatically with the blog's posts.

Don't waste time! Add 'The Bar "on all the networks you participate!

To learn more about this technology, please, use our contact form to ask for more information:

Are you following "The Bar" on these social networks? Leave your social network list in the comments section below and don't forget your thoughts on this post.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

App Shouter: "Take the guess work out of Status Bars"

   In this Post, the editor Chantelle Duxbury made a very nice description of The Bar using Youtube as scenery for her article.
   Be sure to check the post on App Shouter and leave your comments:

Take the guess work out of Status Bars

   The Bar is an iPhone App which allows you to capture those pesky non-specific status bars, and uses the data to let you know how long it might be until that process finishes. For example, say you’re doing a hefty install, more often than not you’ll be left in the dark when it comes to how long this whole process might take! Here’s a fantastic example (that I simply found via Google Images). That bar doesn’t even have a % complete factor.

   Guessing about how much time something is going to take to load/install/download is frustrating even at the best of times, but having a proper expectation if it’s going to take two minutes or two hours is always a relief, which is why *most* software developers include ‘Estimated Time Left’ in install procedures nowadays, as do most modern browsers for general downloads. But for the occasion when you’re not given the information, you now at last, have a solution.

   I’m going to walk you through the example I did – so you get an idea of the process. Using the App is extremely simple, and it takes you though step-by-step,

   First, you take a pic of your screen. In my case, I chose a YouTube Video.

   Then, you fill out the data about the progress bar, how long it is, and how much has already loaded;

   Next, wait for the bar to progress a bit further, depending on how quickly it’s progressing this should only be a little while, to a couple of minutes at most. Then repeat, taking the new photo and updating with the new progression details;

   And Bingo, The Bar will let you know the overall time elapsed and the approximate time of completion.

   In my test it was very accurate, my video loaded fully only about 20 seconds before The Bar said it was complete.

   If you notice that during the time that you are waiting, that the status bar on your App and the one on your screen seem way off, you can always recalibrate by taking a new 2nd photo and update the status in The Bar.

   I think this is a fantastic App, and I’m amazed at how simple and accurate it is. Anyone who spends a lot of time loading/installing/uninstalling or downloading – or any other process (practically anything) that uses a status bar, and has had a rage-fit about not knowing how long it’ll take will really appreciate this App. Hopefully someday soon, they’ll have a solution for these two devils as well:

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