Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We are working hard to bring some new features to "The Bar".

First we added two buttons on our info pages.

The Tell-A-Friend button is an e-mail feature, when you press the button it will bring an e-mail template that you can forward to all your friends.

The other button will send you to The Bar's review page on the App Store, so it is just one click and you are ready to review our App.

The following text is our Tell-A-Friend's template, take a look and send your comments so we can improve it.

You can already use this template! Feel free to forward it as you wish.

Subject: Hey, check out this iPhone App The Bar

Message Body:

I thought you might be interested in this iPhone application!

I have being using "The Bar" and I can tell you that it is a convenient and innovative way to monitor computer ongoing processes in your device.

Have you ever wondered how a process was running in your computer while you were watching television?

Or maybe your computer is showing a progress bar that provides scarce information, and that does not indicate the remaining time?

Now you can take the progress bar with you!

You can see its features in details and how to use it at:

Best Regards!


We have more things to deliver, so stay tuned!


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