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The Bar on iTouchBR

See The Bar's review on iTouchBR Blog!

The editor Julio Cruz made a general comment of the application and its features.

It was also given 3 promotional codes.

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Below is the article published by the iTouchBR site translated to English.

The Bar: check the PC / Mac download process right on the iPhone

  This app will be useful for everyone who has a computer with Internet.

   Who here does not download files? Please through the first rock. It's really a rock, a stone would be very simple and logical.

   I think ... I think not. I'm sure everyone downloads something.

   Alexandre Mello, brazilian developer, created an application that I've never seen in the App Store so far. It shows on your iPhone how is going the download process, so we don't need to be paying attention and having to go to the computer to look.

   I had a great conversation with Alexander because he is not a company or a professional in the subject. Like many developers on this platform, he looked, liked and began a new journey. In addition to his professional side in which he works and that takes a lot of his time, he chose to create an application that could help him in downloads that he did.

   On the website that Alexandre made it explains well how the process is done. The application works on all Apple gadgets, but it is prudent to use only those who have an iPhone because the camera makes easier to advances until you reach the desired result.

   It uses math to calculate the values of the download. It worth mentioning that it is not done remotely, but it is an estimative. Therefore, The Bar is indicated when you will download something and will let the PC / Mac alone not taking the Internet bandwidth leaving it more stable.

   The video below shows how it is done:

   Now we can go watch or do anything else while leaving the download running. The app is still in its first version and Alexander told me that improvements will be made to make the statistics better.

   The app is very useful and serves a portion of users who download and do not have much time to stay near your computer in most cases. The organization on time will be the most to win.

   The application weighs 6MB and need firmware 3.0 to work. It costs US$ 1.99.

By Julio Cruz

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