Sunday, May 30, 2010

App Shouter: "Take the guess work out of Status Bars"

   In this Post, the editor Chantelle Duxbury made a very nice description of The Bar using Youtube as scenery for her article.
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Take the guess work out of Status Bars

   The Bar is an iPhone App which allows you to capture those pesky non-specific status bars, and uses the data to let you know how long it might be until that process finishes. For example, say you’re doing a hefty install, more often than not you’ll be left in the dark when it comes to how long this whole process might take! Here’s a fantastic example (that I simply found via Google Images). That bar doesn’t even have a % complete factor.

   Guessing about how much time something is going to take to load/install/download is frustrating even at the best of times, but having a proper expectation if it’s going to take two minutes or two hours is always a relief, which is why *most* software developers include ‘Estimated Time Left’ in install procedures nowadays, as do most modern browsers for general downloads. But for the occasion when you’re not given the information, you now at last, have a solution.

   I’m going to walk you through the example I did – so you get an idea of the process. Using the App is extremely simple, and it takes you though step-by-step,

   First, you take a pic of your screen. In my case, I chose a YouTube Video.

   Then, you fill out the data about the progress bar, how long it is, and how much has already loaded;

   Next, wait for the bar to progress a bit further, depending on how quickly it’s progressing this should only be a little while, to a couple of minutes at most. Then repeat, taking the new photo and updating with the new progression details;

   And Bingo, The Bar will let you know the overall time elapsed and the approximate time of completion.

   In my test it was very accurate, my video loaded fully only about 20 seconds before The Bar said it was complete.

   If you notice that during the time that you are waiting, that the status bar on your App and the one on your screen seem way off, you can always recalibrate by taking a new 2nd photo and update the status in The Bar.

   I think this is a fantastic App, and I’m amazed at how simple and accurate it is. Anyone who spends a lot of time loading/installing/uninstalling or downloading – or any other process (practically anything) that uses a status bar, and has had a rage-fit about not knowing how long it’ll take will really appreciate this App. Hopefully someday soon, they’ll have a solution for these two devils as well:

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